Locally Made

Our products are designed by us and are made & printed here in Ottawa, Canada to support our local businesses.

100% Recycled

We use 100% post-consumer waste paper. That means it is manufactured with 100% recycled materials. They are also recyclable, so put them in your blue bin with confidence!

No Plastic Packaging

Plastic is a major contributor to polluting our oceans and ecosystems, effecting wildlife all over the world. We love our planet and all life on it, so part of our eco mandate is to package our products without it. We want to ensure that you are taking comfort in the fact that our products have impact, without leaving one on the planet.

Renewable Energy

Part of being environmentally responsible, is ensuring our production is covering all facets of it. The paper we source, has been manufactured with wind energy. Our gift wrap, greeting cards, and journal pages are printed using Bullfrog Power renewable energy through a local printer that has been recognized as one of Canada's most environmentally progressive printers. In addition, we have purchased carbon offsets, equal to the cost of production, so our gift wrap, notepads, and greeting cards are also Carbon Zero.

Plant-based Inks

While gift wrap and cards are recyclable in some cities, this is not the case everywhere. Any metallics or glitter can render paper unrecyclable. Our gift wrap, greeting cards, and journal pages are printed with plant-based inks.